How Do I Get My HP Printer To Print Without Black Ink

by Chris & Marry

Every printer thus far – including HP Printers – uses ink cartridges (or a combination of them) to print out our required photos or documents. When these cartridges run short on ink, they leave our pages blank or faded. Now, if you had spare cartridges at the ready, then you could just replace the empty ones and get the machine up and running.

However, if this isn’t the case, then there are tried and true alternatives you could do to get make your HP Printer print in the absence of black ink!

How Do I Get My HP Printer To Print Without Black Ink

How Do I Get My HP Printer To Print Without Black Ink
How Do I Get My HP Printer To Print Without Black Ink

1. Grayscale Printing

If you find yourself in a hurry to print something and you see that the printer you’re using is running short on black ink, don’t worry! You can continue to print just by altering a few settings.

The first thing you’d have to do is to make sure that any queued printing is temporarily halted. Then, head for the control panel of the computer and click on ‘printers and devices.’ Right-click on ‘printers’ and then select ‘quality option’. The words ‘grayscale’ should appear in front of you with a box before it.

Once this box is checked, you’ll find a command for grayscale printing appear on your screen. You should now be able to get on with printing your documents.

2. Printing Without Black Ink On Windows

Tricking your printer into functioning in the absence of black ink when it comes to Windows isn’t all that different from the method above. Just like the previous option, go to the ‘printers and devices’ option in the control panel. Select ‘printers’ and click on ‘properties’.

Here, you should find a variety of colors under the title ‘ink set’. Once you spot this, click the ‘color set’ option and apply it.

It is good to remember that within due time, these methods are only a temporary substitute for the lack of black ink and not a replacement for fresh cartridges. You can function on these hacks for a decent amount of time, but at one point, the printer will surely result in printing out blank/faded pages.

Use these hacks to buy you some time while you scout for a more long-lasting alternative so you won’t have to face the same predicament again!

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