About the Site


I obsessively stock paper towels. I lose lots of keys and thoughts. I drink too much coffee. I am an L.A. native and a pantologist. I’ve stocked goods, served food and sold clothes. I’ve been a barista, band member and behaviorist, a day program director and real estate agent. I am a treasure hunting space-making people-lover. C+M lets me collect, enjoy, and share with less limitation on space, style and functionality. To re-imagine and design, empty and refill. Best of all, it helps facilitate relationships with others. My goal is to meet new people and to make their day however that might happen. And I wake up floored that I get to do it all with Mary (or as I often call her, Moochaka).


I love cupcakes and hand stands, sometimes together. I might say y’all (I’m from SC). I like my manhattans perfect and my hair messy. I give nick-names and overuse emojis. My puppy dog Rosco makes me a better me. I LOVE people. Making them smile, even more. I’ve tended bar, styled shoots and instructed yoga. I’ve been a nanny, blogger, student and massage therapist. I’ve lived abroad and ran two small businesses. My spirit animal? Sloth! Creating, connecting, collaborating and curiosity drive me. Different cultures, lifestyles & places fascinate me. With C+M I hope to support local and ethically sound brands while spreading smiles. I am so grateful to do it all with my favorite human by my side!


We met in April 2015. We were each pulled by friends out to dinner. We sat across from one other, started a witty banter and spent the next 270 days together. We began discussions about not wanting to separate what we love and what we do. We love to create, to share and to make people smile. We delight in the brilliance and diversity of others and their talents. We enjoy life more together. So we started a place where we could try to have it all. A place to invest in our community and uplift the creative and passionate people around us. A place that people will enter feeling welcomed and leave feeling excited, inspired, connected and loved. Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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