How Do I Turn Off My HP Printer

by Chris & Marry

So, you want to know how to turn off your HP printer. In this brief guide, we will tell you whether that is a good idea, how you can do that, and whether HP printers come with any features that mean you don't have to worry about Turning The Printer Off.

How Do I Turn Off My Hp Printer
How Do I Turn Off My Hp Printer

Should I Turn Off My HP Printer ?

We are answering this question first because the simple answer is 'No'.

It would be best if you kept your printer turned on at all times because, while you may be concerned about your bills piling up or the environment being damaged because of wasted electricity, the truth is the amount of energy a printer uses not printing is negligible. It is a few cents a year in terms of electricity.

In fact, turning your printer off may result in you spending more money.

The reason for this comes down to the print heads. These can get clogged with ink, and printers are programmed to regularly maintain the print heads. A healthy print head means more efficient ink usage and, therefore, less money spent on ink.

If you turn your printer off, your printer can not keep itself as healthy as possible.

Steps to Turn Off The Printer

You will find two buttons to press if you want to turn off a printer fully.

The first is the 'On/Off' button, usually on the front of the printer. Press this to turn a printer on or off.

Once your printer is off, you can cut the power by turning the 'Power' switch, usually located to the back right of an HP Printer, into the off position.

Alternatives To Turning The Printer Off

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode will reduce a printer's power consumption while it is not in use. You can set this up from your printer's control panel if your printer model has this feature.

  1. On the printer control panel find 'Settings'> 'General' > 'Energy Settings'.
  2. Next, depending on the HP printer model, you will see 'Sleep Setting' or 'Sleep Schedule'. Select this.
  3. You will be prompted to complete a setup, including how much time should elapse with a printer idle until sleep settings are activated.

Auto-Off Feature

The Auto-Off feature is confusingly named because while the printer appears to be off, it is still connected to a power source and electricity.

However, the amount of electricity used is minimal. It is almost the same as setting a sleep mode, the difference being that a printer with the Auto-Off Feature turned on will wait thirty minutes before the mode is activated.

If you have HP Printer Assistant, activating the Auto-Off feature is reasonably straightforward.

  • Open HP Printer Assistant on your desired device
  • Follow these links Utilities>Printer Maintenance>Configure Printer>Configure
  • Once you hit that 'Configure' button, you should see the HP 'Toolbox'.
  • On the 'Toolbox', click the 'Configuration' tab.
  • Towards the bottom of the tab screen, you should see a check box that says 'Activate the Hardware Auto-off Feature'. Check this tick box.
  • Click 'Apply'.

You can also do this process using the 'Printer Properties' option.

  1. Click 'File'.
  2. Depending on the program you are in, you will see either 'Print' or 'Print Setup'. Click on this. After clicking 'Print', you may need to click 'Setup'.
  3. All the above options should lead to 'Properties'. Select this.
  4. Click 'Services'.
  5. Click 'Toolbox'. The HP Toolbox should appear.
  6. Choose the 'Configuration' tab.
  7. Towards the bottom of the tab, you should see a check box that says 'Activate the Hardware Auto-off Feature. Check this box.
  8. Click Apply.

Why Turning Off My HP Printer ?

If your HP printer is turned off, it may be due to a number of reasons. One possibility is that the printer is not receiving enough power. Check the power cord and make sure it is properly plugged into an outlet. If the cord appears to be damaged, you may need to replace it. Another possibility is that the printer's drivers are not installed correctly. Reinstall the drivers from the HP website or from the disc that came with the printer. Finally, check for any jammed paper in the printer. If there is paper stuck inside, remove it and try printing again.

If your HP printer is still not working after trying all of these troubleshooting steps, you may need to contact HP customer support for further assistance.

Conclusions for Ways to Turn of an HP Printer

The methods for turning off an HP printer will vary depending on the model of printer you have. However, in general, there are a few ways to turn off your HP printer. One way to turn off your HP printer is to simply unplug it from the power source. Another way to turn off your HP printer is to use the power button on the printer itself. If your HP printer has a display screen, you may also be able to access a menu that will allow you to power down the printer.

If you are not sure how to turn off your particular model of HP printer, consult the user manual or contact customer support for assistance.

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