How To Clean Printer Rollers

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First things first: what is a printer roller, and why is it important?

Printers are convenient, whether it be to send professional letters or documents. But to ensure your printer produces crisp and perfect prints, you'll have to regularly make sure your printer rollers are kept as clean as possible. Your printer roller basically holds your papers neatly for you in the printer, and the end result is usually a smooth and crisp one. But if the printer roller were to be faulty, or assuming there was none at all, printing quality prints would be almost impossible - they would come out as dirty and crinkled.

So, to ensure perfect and quality prints, regularly cleaning printer rollers becomes a necessity. This article will address the best way to clean printer rollers.

How To Clean Printer Rollers
How To Clean Printer Rollers

How to Clean Printer Rollers

Different types of printers require different methods to clean the printer rollers, and two such printers - the inkjet printer and the laserjet printer - will be considered in this article.

So, to begin with, let's consider the inkjet printer. For this particular printer, we can follow a specific method to clean the printer roller. The technique used is stated below:

  • The first task is to find the printer roller in the inkjet printer. Finding them shouldn't be much of a difficult task as they are usually found on the underneath sides of the inkjet printers. After the printer roller has been successfully detected, the printer needs to be turned off with all of the papers removed. The printer rollers will become a lot more visible by removing the paper trays. After removing the paper trays, rotate the rollers with bare hands. If the rollers don't seem to be working the way they should be, then go with the 'feed paper' option to make them roll the way they should.
  • To clean the printer rollers, prepare some distilled water and wet a piece of a microfiber cloth with it just enough that it doesn't become dripping wet. Wipe the microfiber cloth across the printer roller surface and remove dirt, debris, and other microparticles. Ensure you do this with each side and corner of the inkjet printer roller.
  • Once clean, you can replace the paper tray back to how it was. Let the printer rollers dry, though, before returning the paper tray. Close the printer cover back to how it was, and you're good to go! Your prints should be back to top-notch quality.

The second printer to consider is the LaserJet printer. Cleaning the printer rollers in these printers is not much different to cleaning the printer rollers from inkjet printers:

  • Firstly, find where the printer rollers are located. Make sure the printer is unplugged. You will not want any current to flow through the printer for safety purposes. Remove the cover of the LaserJet printer and remove the paper tray from the top of the printer. Sometimes the paper tray might not be visible at the top of the printer, so in that case, look underneath the ink cartridges.
  • While you can use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to clean the rollers, using a cotton swab would be the best option. Unlike the inkjet printer, rolling the printer rollers manually in the LaserJet printer is not recommended. In this case, the clips attached to the sides of the roller need to be removed. After that is complete, the rollers can be removed from the printer.
  • Taking the cotton swab, dampen it in an alcohol solution, but ensure that the swab isn't too damp. Rub the cotton swab with gentle motions on the printer rollers, ensuring no sides are left to clean. The alcohol will clean and remove debris properly, making sure the printer can print correctly.
  • Now that the central cleansing has been done, take a microfibre and dip it in distilled water. Just like in the inkjet printer, don't dampen the microfibre cloth too much that it becomes dripping wet. Rub it across the printer rollers and make sure all sides and corners are covered. After every part of the LaserJet printer roller is cleaned, let it dry for a couple of minutes. Place the printer rollers back to their original place and reinstall the paper tray and LaserJet cover. Place the papers back in the tray and give the printer a go. If the prints are crisp and smooth with no issues, you have successfully cleaned your printer roller!

Most printers have a similar method to cleaning the printer rollers, so other methods of cleaning don't need to be addressed. Just ensure that the printer is kept unplugged and has no current going through it - if not careful, the current could cause severe hazards. Make sure to be gentle while cleaning the printer rollers, so nothing is damaged.


Cleaning printer rollers is more or less the same for most printers. So, while we have mentioned how to clean printer rollers for two different types of printers, it can be safely said that the procedure for both can be applied to most, if not, all printers. Just make sure no current is flowing, cleaning is done gently, and the rollers are handled with utmost care.

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