How to Make My Printer Print Darker

by Chris & Marry

A lot of times, when your printer is running low on ink, your prints appear to be fade, which at times contributes to bad reading experiences. These prints are deemed to be of bad quality and increases in professional life, which can also get you negative feedback from others.

Density determines the amount of ink being applied on your pages while printing. Therefore, it is safe to say printer density plays a major role in the appearance of your prints. When you want your prints to be lighter or darker, all you need to do is adjust the printer density.

Adjusting the printer density requires a few easy, straightforward steps that can be effortlessly carried out. In return, you can get the sharp, superior-quality prints that you desire.

How To Change Your Printer Density By Going To Settings

How To Change Your Printer Density By Going To Settings
How To Change Your Printer Density By Going To Settings

Click on the start button and press the Settings button present above the Power button. From Settings, select Devices.

 A list of options is present on the left-hand side. Click on the second option, i.e. Printers and Scanners. Upon clicking on your printer, right-click on ‘Manage’. The previous step leads to the opening of a menu that lets you carry out commands on your printer.

Click on Printer Properties; a dialogue box appears which consists of many tabs like General, Ports, Advanced, etc.  To change the printer’s density, you need to switch from General (which is open by default) to Device Settings.

Lists of settings are available, altering which changes the way your printer runs. Printer Density is available on the right-hand side.

You will notice a line with an arrowhead is present with a white dot on the left and a black dot on the right. Move the arrowhead towards the right to increase the density. 

A lot of times, we want only certain documents or photographs to have darker prints. This can be adjusted by giving a command right before printing.

When Printing A Word Document

Press on File present on the top left corner on the ribbon tab; from the left-hand side choose the Print option. Below the button that shows the name of your printer, you will see Printer Properties written in gray. Click on the link and a dialogue box appears.

Out of the four tabs, you only need to visit Quality. Besides the box consisting of objectives, you will notice a button saying Details… Click on it and you will notice one of the options presents is Toner Density. Again, a line is present with an arrowhead which you can drag towards the right to increase the darkness of your prints.

When Printing A Pdf File:

Press on the print icon present on the Menu bar above the page. The Print dialogue box appears where you will notice a Properties button present next to the name of your printer. Like in word, a smaller dialogue box containing four tabs open.

Go to the Quality tab and hit the Details… button present next to the list of objectives. Yet again, a smaller dialogue box appears where you have the option to adjust the toner density by moving the arrowhead towards the left or right.

When Printing An Image

After opening the image, simultaneously press down on Ctrl and P button. The Print Pictures dialogue box appears. Set the Quality to high after making sure your printer is selected and then click on the link to Options… present on top of the Print and Cancel buttons.
A dialogue box appears where you have to select the Printer Properties… to open another dialogue box. From the Quick setup tab, set the Print Quality to high and then switch to the Main tab. By default, Auto is selected on the Color/Intensity option. Check the Manual option instead which activates the Set… button. Right-click on Set… A Manual Color Adjustment dialogue box opens. On the Color Adjustment tab, you will have the option to adjust the densities of all your toners.

While these steps provide a temporary fix for faded prints, increasing the density means more ink needs to be used. So do not be surprised when you are out of ink faster than usual.

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