How To Fix Epson Printer Error State

by Chris & Marry

Picture this; you’re at work and your boss asked you to print a couple of documents. You hurry over to get the job done as soon as you can and you almost would have made it if it weren’t for six simple words: Printer is in an error state. Fun, right?

If you have worked with Epson printers, then these words have no doubt flashed before your eyes at least once. Instead of wondering what it would feel like to obliterate your printer then and there, you need to remind yourself that despite it being an extremely annoying issue, it is easy to fix!

What Brings About An Error State?

What Brings About An Error State?
What Brings About An Error State?

An error state is brought about by not just one specific reason. Fortunately, most of these reasons are not only quick to identify.

For example, printers tend to malfunction if and when there are connectivity issues between the printer itself and the wireless network. They can also act out if the printer software hasn’t been installed in the right manner. Issues like corrupted printer drivers and faulty power cords can also be the culprits behind your wonky device.

Whatever the cause is, don’t worry. We’ll show you how you can tackle this matter head-on.

1. Try The Troubleshooter

Before doing anything, it is best if you click on the computer settings first. There, you will find the “Devices and Printers” option that will show you a list of all the devices connected to your system in their rightful categories.

Look for the name of your printer, right-click it and a ‘Troubleshoot’ tab should appear before you. The Troubleshooter will try to comb out potential solutions for your issue. However, it is good to keep in mind that as an error state is considered a rather generic problem, it’s highly unlikely that this may work.

Even if it doesn’t, there are other things you could try!

2. Check Out Your Connections!

Sometimes error states can be caused by something as simple as poor cable connections.

If you find yourself facing an error state, spare a glance at the main power cable and ensure that it is properly connected to the main source of power. While you’re at it, check if the cable from the printer is correctly fitted into the computer.

If you’re dealing with a wireless printer, double-check the wireless connections and routers and see to it that everything is in the right order.

As an extra measure, you could run the extra mile by cleaning out the wires and cables to rid them of any dust particles that sometimes get lodged in the way of the connections.

After following these measures, try restarting your printer. If you still find yourself with the same issue, then that would mean something else is the root cause of the error state.

3. Update Or Reinstall Your Driver

Not having an updated driver can sometimes be the cause of error states. Check whether your driver is updated to the latest version by paying a visit to the official Epson website. Browse through their contents to look for the most recent drivers using the model number of your printer.

If you see that your driver is updated, then try to uninstall it and reinstall it using the disc that came along with the printer.

If your printer is still in an error state, then the problem may have never been with your driver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What To Do If None Of These Steps Work?

If you’ve tried all these steps and you still have no positive results, then the last resort you could opt for is putting matters into the hands of professionals and calling customer support. Explain your problem to them and mention the measures you’ve followed in an attempt to fix it. They will surely be able to assess your diagnosis and provide you with a cure.

2. How Do I Reset My Epson Printer?

You can find the reset button of Epson Printers at the back. Once you’ve located it, simultaneously hold the reset button and the power button down for around 5 seconds. Soon enough your printer will print a page containing your IP address that you must type down to reconfigure the printer to your computer.

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