Computer Recognizes Printer But Printer Won’t Respond

by Chris & Marry

You are finally done with that dreadful assignment or that long presentation at the office, and you quickly need a printout. Your computer shows that it recognizes the printer, and you are sending several signals to the printer. Yet, there's no response. In this article, we tell you what to do in this scenario.

How to fix the Computer Recognizes Printer But Printer Won't Respond

How to fix the Computer Recognizes Printer But Printer Won't Respond
How to fix the Computer Recognizes Printer But Printer Won't Respond

1. Loose Connections

Make sure that your printer is on and the USB cable is properly connected to the computer. Even a slightly loose connection can cause errors.

To ensure everything is connected firmly, take off the USB cable and re-plug it.

You can also take off the printer's power cable and, after a 10-minute gap, put it back in.

2. Printer Error

Check for any error lights on your printer.

These could indicate that you are low on ink, low on paper, or a paper jam.

While this would usually show up on your computer screen, occasionally, it doesn't, which is why it is best to check.

3. Check Print Queue

Ensure that the print queue is empty before you command a new print. The printer cannot print out new documents when the print queue is filled with previous orders commanded by the computer. This lack of queue clearance can be a reason why your printout is taking time.

4. Computer Glitches

Sometimes problems with the computer can be an issue, and everything slows down, including communication with the printer.

Restart your computer, and try printing again.

5. Old Drivers

Check if there are any driver updates, either using Windows to find them or going to the manufacturer's website. If you download an update, you will need to restart your computer for the printer to work.

Sometimes, there may not be an update, but you may have a driver issue. You can delete the driver, restart your computer, and Windows should redownload the driver and fix the problem.

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