How To Print On Paper Napkins

by Chris & Marry

Custom-designed paper napkins are always in fashion, adding the touch of a unique, personalized feel. From adorning the table as a wedding decoration or being a birthday party or potluck essential to being astute additions to office events, custom napkins do not need to be an expensive affair.

If you are considering creating DIY paper napkins that are affordable yet one-of-a-kind, you are in luck. You can print your own napkins with a few simple pieces of equipment in no time.

To ease your trouble, we have created a simple step-by-step guide on how to print on paper napkins, ready to help you create customized napkins for your next celebration.

How To Print On Paper Napkins
How To Print On Paper Napkins

How to print on napkins?


You will need to gather the following materials before you can dip your hands into creating customizable napkins.

  • Paper napkins (heavy-duty, multi-ply napkins are preferred for printing on napkins)
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Inkjet printer. (Laser printers should be avoided for printing on napkins as they can get heated up quickly and can cause a fire hazard.)

And, of course, a digital design!

Using the freezer paper to hold to the napkin while printing will make it easy for the napkin to go through the printer without crumpling and have a smooth execution.

Steps on how we can print on napkins.

Now that we have all our materials ready, let's go through how we can print on napkins.

  1. Pick your design. You can either create your own design or source some from the internet for printing on napkins. If you plan to print your own creations, you will need a digital file. Designs handmade on paper will have to be scanned and saved on your device.
  2. Cut the freezer paper to the desired size. The freezer paper will be the vehicle that smoothly carries your napkin through the printer. So you will have to cut the freezer paper to the measurements that will fit your printer and be large enough for the napkin to be placed.

To place the napkin on the freezer paper, unfold the napkin and place it on the glossy side of the freezer paper. Before placing the napkin on the freezer sheet, make sure to have the side you want to print your design on facing up.

  • Set the napkin on the freezer paper using an iron. Preheat the iron at the medium heat setting and do a small patch test to see if the iron is hot enough to just set the napkin on the freezer paper without causing any melting. Once heated, iron the napkin gently onto the freezer paper. Be sure to check if any area of the napkin hasn't properly adhered to the freezer paper, especially the edges. Or else you will end up with napkin shreds and a lousy printing job.
  • Time to roll out the design. Now that we have done all the prepping, we are ready to print on napkins.

Feed the napkin ironed onto the freezer paper into the printer input tray as you would with regular paper. Make sure the napkin is facing the side it will receive the design from, and the orientation of the paper is as you want it.

Tip: Do some test prints on plain paper before running the actual print, so you know your printed napkins will come out successful.

Once your design and paper are correctly aligned, simply print the design from the file you saved by pressing the print button on your computer.

  • Final Step! Once the printing on napkins has cooled down, peel the napkin off the freezer paper carefully so that the napkin doesn't tear.

Your napkins are ready to flatter your table and delight your guests!

Printing napkins may take a bit of time and practice before you get it right. Be patient, and you will eventually find yourself mastering it and having high stacks of personalized napkins ready for every party.

Mind you, your friends and family may start asking you to make them some fancy ones soon.

Go ahead! Enjoy delightful crafting on napkins!

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