How Much Does It Cost To Make A Comic Book?

by Chris & Marry

All thanks to the comic nerds, the comic book industry can pay for the living of a lot of artists, letterers, and writers. If you are interested in putting your work out there so that it can be recognized by the target audiences you need to be well versed on the cost of publishing and other related stuff; you need to ask yourself, how much does it cost to make a comic book?

Our today’s article is focused on answering the above-mentioned questions, and other queries you might have related to this topic.

Comic Book Page Rates

Comic Book Page Rates
Comic Book Page Rates

The cost per page of a comic book varies depending on several factors like the paper that it is printed on, the printer used, whether your comic book is colorful or black and white, the size of the page, etc. Glossy paper, matte paper, colored prints, black and white prints, and many other options are available. Once you have determined these factors, you can calculate the costs per page by adding the expenses up.

Besides the printing costs, you will also have to think about paying artists, writers, and letterers. Artists will charge separately depending on the type of art – line art, color art, just drawing or just coloring – ranging from $50 to $300 (sometimes more). When it comes to cover arts, you need to invest a large sum of money as the cover needs to be appealing and attention-grabbing. If you are not the writer, you need to pay for someone to work alongside the artist to maintain an interesting storyline.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Comic Book Artist?

How much you have to pay an artist for working on your book will defer based on the rate that they demand. Famous artists who are known and appreciated will naturally demand a higher rate as they have years of knowledge and experience under their belt; they will demand at least $50 per page when it comes to indie comics and around $100 to $200 for colored ones.

Artists who aren’t renowned will ask for a comparatively smaller sum of money but you might not be guaranteed good enough work. So, if you are looking for a new artist, you ought to do a little bit of research and pick somebody who seems talented enough to handle the tasks.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Comic Book Colorist?

Most artists will do the work of coloring too, but in case your artist only does the line drawing, you will need a colorist to add some finishing touches to your comic book’s artwork. Colorists will demand $100 to $200 per page as their work will gravely affect the reviews made by the audiences. Hiring a good colorist will benefit you gravely as they are more likely to produce good quality work that is bound to attract people’s curiosity. So, make sure to do your share of research, invest the right amount of money and find the right type of person when it comes to employing a colorist.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Comic Book Letterer?

A comic book letterer is somebody who inserts the bubbles and comments on the comics. They decide which words should be bolded, highlighted, or made slightly different so that they stand out and can correctly depict the character’s intended emotions. A letter needs to be paid around $30 to $70 per page but rates will defer depending on who you choose to hire. You can always negotiate to get something close to your desired amount. Letterers can also be paid to work for writing the comic’s name on the cover.

Total Cost Of Making A Comic Book

After adding up all such prices, you can expect a good quality comic book to cost about $110 to $150 per page. Although some might think that this is too expensive and try to seek some cheaper alternative; doing so will only lead to losses. When you have decided on publishing your comic, you must spend the required amount to let the sales be a success.

If you are short on money, you should focus on earning cash or finding someone willing to invest so that you can make ends meet and produce a piece of work that the users will likely be fond of. You can also decide to print out a small number of copies instead of ordering a huge number to begin with; that way, after the sales of a few copies, you can use their profit to print others.

It’s always good to have your work out there, but remember that pleasing readers instead of pleasing yourself is the key to making a successful project.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Much Does A Comic Book Artist Make Per Book?

Comic book artists may earn about $3000 per book. However, this varies depending on which company they work for and how much they demand. Pencilers will get around $160 to $200 per page while inkers might get $100 to $120 (these numbers are based on major companies like DC and Marvel). Free-lance artists on the other hand have varying demands. Some might ask for less to attract more deals while others who are famous in the field might ask for more; nowadays many will also ask for royalties which mean you have to pay them a certain percentage of the profits. 

How Much Should I Charge For Drawing A Comic Book?

You can ask for $75 to around $200 per page for drawing a comic book. Writers will try to negotiate but it is best to think about and decide how much your artworks, set of skills, and time are worth and then you can set a fixed price accordingly; with time as your experience increases, you can ask for more.

To conclude, we cannot pinpoint an exact amount when asked how much does a comic book costs, but an average can be calculated. Writers should wait till they have enough money to publish their work so that they can properly pay the artists, colorist, and letterers while also being able to meet certain standards that the audience has set. We hope our article was of help to you and helped you get the answers you were looking for!

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