How To Print Waterproof Stickers

by Chris & Marry

Even a drop of water can ruin a wonderfully designed sticker. That is why, if you are planning to make stickers, it is best to make them waterproof as well as scratch and smudge-proof.

In today’s article, we will show you a few methods to protect your stickers from damage.

How To Print Waterproof Stickers
How To Print Waterproof Stickers

A. Print Media


If using paper, use sticker paper rather than just plain old white paper. The ordinary paper absorbs more water than sticker paper, making it less than ideal.


The best option is to use a printable vinyl surface to print your stickers. A printable vinyl surface doesn’t absorb any water and can be scratch resistant also. In fact, many manufacturers believe that vinyl printed stickers don’t require extra sealing once they have been printed.

B. Ink Type


Inkjet printers use water-based ink to print anything. When that ink comes in contact with water, it can get smudgy.You will definitely need to do some post-print protection if using an Inkjet printer.


Laser printers use toners to print. The ink is infused into the surface that is printed, producing a durable sticker.

However, laser printing can be very costly.

NOTE: Ensure you use UV-resistant inks to print your stickers. UV-resistant inks are smudge and scratch resistant. They alsosurvive water incidents much better than other inks.



STEP 1:Take a laminating sheet and place it on a clear wide surface.

STEP 2: Place your sticker over the laminating sheet.

STEP 3: Place another laminating sheet above the sticker. Make sure that both the laminating sheets are a bit bigger than your sticker.

STEP 4: Enclose the sticker and, using your fingers, rub over the sticker to make sure no air bubbles have formed and remained inside. You can use a debit card or a credit card to do this for better results.


The laminator will use heat to press the laminating sheets over the sticker properly. The heat will ensure that the sticker is enclosed very tightly and is more effective than doing the laminating method by hand.

Remember, though, that no matter which method you use, laminating sheets can be expensive to buy.


STEP 1:Take the sheet of stickers and place it on a wide surface.

STEP 2: Remove the face sheet from the sheet of your stickers.

STEP 3: Spray over the sheet evenly until there is an even coating. Make sure to keep to distance off 10-12 inches when you are spraying over the sheet.

STEP 4:Wait at least 15 minutes for the sheet of stickers to dry.

STEP 5: After 15 minutes, you can remove your sealed, waterproofed stickers from the sheet.

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