How To Transfer Photos To Glass Using Contact Paper

by Chris & Marry

Custom-designed glass containers are a beautiful way to personalize and decorate your living space. Usually, glass containers are painted over with oil or watercolors with mesmerizing doodles. But these days in gift shops you can find glass containers with a photograph on them. Amazing, isn't it?

No matter how amazing they look, those glass containers with images of picturesque views cost a fortune at gift shops. However, we have found a way to quench your desire.

Below, we will tell you the secret ingredient for transferring a photo to glass containers using simple home equipment- contact paper. It's a very easy DIY method.

So, let us proceed towards the glass transfers party!

Transfer Photos To Glass
Transfer Photos To Glass

How to transfer photo to glass using contact paper?

The materials

You will need to gather the following materials before you can start the magic of transfers for glassware.

  • Glass Container of some kind (Maybe a glass container with a candle in it)
  • Printable transfer paper for glass (this may be known as glass transfer paper, transfer paper for glass, inkjet transfer paper for glass, glass etching transfer paper, photo transfer paper for glass, or rub on transfer paper for glass depending on where you buy it).
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Color Printer
  • Smoothing tool such as a credit card
  • Small dish of warm water
  • A flat surface- maybe a wooden table

And, of course, a beautiful photograph that captures everyone's heart.

If you don't have a credit card for some reason, you can always use your driving license or maybe even gift cards. They all work the same.

Now that we have all our materials ready, let's go through how we can transfer our photograph to the glass. This applies also for how to print words on glass.

Steps to transfer photo to class

  1. Print your favorite image using a color laser printer.
  2. Place your photograph on the table.
  3. Line up the contact paper along with the photograph and cut the contact paper. Apply the contact paper right over the photograph. The contact paper must fully cover the photograph. Warning! The photograph used should be smaller than the width of the contact paper.
  4. Once the contact paper covers the photograph, take the credit card in your hands. Smooth out the air bubbles from the contact paper. We shall do that so that all the ink travels to the contact paper from the photograph properly. Take your time to do this properly.
  5. Place the whole thing in the dish of warm water. Submerge the whole thing properly.
  6. We have to let the whole thing dissolve fully. The photograph is going to absorb the water.
  7. We have to take the whole thing out of the water. Rub on the photograph now. As we keep on rubbing, the photograph will tear off completely.
  8. Take your time to peel off the photograph. Be gentle on the areas with ink on the contact paper.
  9. Place the contact paper on the table with the sticky side upwards.
  10. We have to let the contact paper dry. As it dries, the stickiness on the contact paper will come back again.
  11. Using the rubbing alcohol, gently rub on the glass container to clean it.
  12. Place the sticky side of the contact paper on the glass container evenly. Wait till the whole thing sticks properly.

Hooray! Now you can see the photograph on the glass container. Flatter your guests with your newly sparked creativity.

Mastering this process may take a while and will definitely require patience. But hang in there, my friend, and soon you will discover yourself as a professional graphic artist.

Mind you, with our easy DIY process on the internet, your friends might start making better ones than you. So hurry up and get a head-start!

Go ahead! Enjoy the wonderful craft of transferring photos onto glasses!

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