How To Print On Rice Paper

by Chris & Marry

Rice paper also commonly known as tissue paper, weighing from 35 gsm to about 100 gsm is a kind of edible paper used by many for their artistic productions such as designing clothes, making napkins, origami and even calligraphy. It can be used to wrap foods such as egg rolls, springs rolls, sushi, etc.

How To Print On Rice Paper
How To Print On Rice Paper

Printing On Rice Paper

Rice paper crinkles and tears easily making it unsuitable for passing through the printer’s rollers by itself. This is the reason why it is usually pasted onto some other kind of paper (most commonly A4 papers) before printing. To do this, we have to at first find the slightly smoother side of the rice paper and stick it to the A4 paper in such a way that the side is facing up. Doing this can be done by many methods; some use double sided tapes, some use washy tapes while others use sticky notes spray. Use the method which seems suitable to you, but remember that whatever you use for sticking should not be too adhesive as that can lead to tearing while removing the paper. 

Place the paper in the feed tray in such a way that the side with rice paper is the side that gets printed upon. Choose a document or picture to print and follow normal printing procedures. 

Once you are done printing, with a lot of care, slowly remove the rice paper from the other page. You can now use this to decorate your scrapbooks and journals.

How To Make Your Print Edible

For edible prints, you will need to be equipped with a printer that supports edible ink cartridges. Up next, you will need to buy edible ink cartridges that allow being filled up with food colorings.

Following normal printing procedures, you will be able to print out whatever your heart wants, and since the ink and paper are both edible, you can use it to decorate consumable goods like cakes. Feel free to take a bite of your crafty produce!

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