How To Bypass Ink Cartridge On Epson Printer

by Chris & Marry

When the ink in the cartridges of an Epson printer reaches a specific threshold, it often tends to stop printing even though it isn’t entirely empty. Now, this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if you have a backup replacement cartridge. However, in some cases, we completely forget to keep tabs on such things.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to instantly get your hands on new cartridges, don’t sweat it too much! There are some methods you could try that might help you bypass the ink cartridges on your Epson printer.

1. Give The Ink Cartridge A Thorough Shake!

Give The Ink Cartridge A Thorough Shake!
Give The Ink Cartridge A Thorough Shake!

It sounds a little outrageous and outdated, but it works! To try this method, you’d need to keep your printer on and lift the cover until the cartridges stop moving. When this happens, pull each cartridge out and shut down the printer.

Keep your printer unplugged from the power source as you shake the cartridges; completely shutting it off gives your printer some time to reset its memory and shaking the cartridges helps with the redistribution of the particles inside.

When you’re done, don’t forget to place the cartridges in the same locations they were taken from before they were removed. Feel free to reconnect your printer and test out if this method worked!

2. Trick The Ink Cartridge

Before trying this alternative, it is best if you keep in mind that it only works on printers that don’t have microchips on the cartridges to monitor the ink levels. So before making any attempts, check the model of your printer.

If you find that your printer indeed lacks a microchip, then good news for you! Pop up the lid of your printer whilst pressing down the ink button. Locate the cartridge that doesn’t have ink and once the ink holder is in place, close it again without touching or removing the cartridge. Place the printer lid back on and resume printing.

3. Reset The Cartridges

Certain models of printer’s function with cartridges that contain reset buttons just above the copper contacts. If you find that your printer falls under this category, then all you would need to do is carefully extract the nearly empty cartridge and carefully press the reset button.

You would have to be very gentle and precise in this execution, and it is highly recommended that you use the end of a paper clip to do this. Once you’ve successfully managed this feat, just place the cartridge back where it came from and close the lid. This method basically tricks your printer into thinking that you’ve swapped the old cartridges for fresh ones.

Sometimes these methods do not work, or sometimes they work based on the model and brand of your printer. Regardless, it won’t cost you a thing to try these sworn-by hacks. If anything, it’ll help you save a couple of bucks. It’s truly a win-win situation!

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