How to Dry Printer Ink on Glossy Paper

by Chris & Marry

Under the right conditions, ink on glossy paper should be fully dry within 1 to 2 minutes. However, if you use the wrong inks, the wrong paper, or fail to use the right printer settings, ink can take anything from an hour to a whole day to dry properly.

This article will tell you how to avoid such problems and how to keep ink from smearing on glossy paper.

How to Dry Printer Ink on Glossy Paper

How To Dry Printer Ink On Glossy Paper
How To Dry Printer Ink On Glossy Paper

A. Use The Correct Paper

Ensure that the paper you have is the correct paper for the type of printer you are using. If you are using an inkjet, you need glossy paper for inkjet printers. If you are using a laser, your need glossy paper for laser printers.

B. Use The Correct Ink And Paper Combination

Certain brands of ink work best with certain brands of paper. On top of that, certain printers work best with their own brand or recommended papers and inks.

If you want optimal drying times, you need to avoid using third-party products and use what your printer's manufacturer recommends.

For example, Canon recommends Canon products for optimal results on their printers. So use exactly what they suggest.

C. Change The Printer Settings

Ensure the 'glossy' paper option or 'photopaper' option is selected in the printer settings whenever you want to print on glossy paper.

This will drastically reduce your drying time compared to using the printer's default settings.

D. Invest In An Infrared Light

If you print a lot of glossy media, get an infrared light. Placing your glossy prints under one of these can reduce drying time down to just seconds.

E. Be Aware Of The Conditions

Optimal drying conditions require low humidity. If you are in a place where the humidity is high, you may need to invest in a dehumidifier.

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